Hotels Near Garden of the Gods IL

Facts About Hotels Near Garden of the Gods IL

Trying to locate a hotel near Garden of the Gods IL and other popular hikes such as Jackson Falls, Pounds Hollow or other Shawnee National Forest attractions can be hard.

The truth is the closest hotels to many of the most popular Shawnee National Forest hikes are 30 minutes away in Harrisburg, IL. The hotels there are good (2 stars), but the better hotels (3-4 stars) are an hour away in Marion, IL. For a majority of visitors looking for a hotel near Garden of the Gods, Pounds Hollow, Jackson Falls and other popular hikes the drive is unreasonable. Visitors will often want to stay closer to the major hikes near Herod Illinois in a cabin.

If you don't mind the drive, the Quality Inn in Harrisburg has been reasonable. If you desire something a little nicer, the >Holiday Inn Express in Marion, IL is nice too.

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